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What is it?

Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a system that connects the consumer with the producer. This allows the consumer and producer to share in the risk and reward of farming. This gives the consumer the opportunity to have a voice in how their food is grown and opportunity to ask questions.


When you purchase from big box stores you can't be sure how your food was grown or where it even came from. Were the workers growing the food treated fairly and provided a fair wage? When you join a CSA, you have the opportunity to know the answer to all these questions. 

What do you get by being a CSA member?

CSA members will receive a weekly bag of vegetables for 12 weeks from early July to September. They will also get the opportunity to order additional vegetables before the general public has access. What this means for members is that if we have limited supply of a crop, members will get preferential treatment and receive said crop over non-members. 

With a regular share you have your vegetables pre-selected for you with what's in season. You will get a wide variety of vegetables, we try to mix it up each week so you're not eating beets for 6 weeks in a row. The regular share is a great way to try new vegetables while also having some old classics. You also don't have to put much thought in to it if you don't want, you just know for 12 weeks you're getting fresh veggies. 

You may also notice this year we only have one size of bag. We did this for simplicity's sake and made it a bit smaller than last year's full share. As always there will be opportunity to order additional vegetables if you don't get enough in your bag. 

NEW this year is the flex share. This is for anyone who wants to guarantee themselves fresh vegetables every week but wants to have full say in what they get. Each week with the flex share you will have the option to pick your $20 worth of vegetables for the week.


How much does it cost?

-12 week CSA share- $300

-12 week flex share- $240

-Dozen eggs/week add on is $42

-18 pack eggs/week add on is $60

How many people will it feed?

This is a tough one to answer. This is very dependent on your diet. Some people eat a very vegetable rich diet and will still need to supplement with additional vegetables. 

We will send out a newsletter in advance so you know what you are getting and can meal plan. There will be an option for CSA members to order additional vegetables and other offerings such as meats, eggs, honey, kombucha, etc.  

Where are the pickups?

If you live within the town limits of Virden, and Reston we will deliver right to your door. If you live in the country, we will have a pickup location within town where you will have a 30-minute window you are required to pick up within.

Sorry to Hartney and Souris, we have appreciated your support in the past and will have opportunities to purchase vegetables but can't guarantee weekly delivery this year. 

Delivery day TBD but always the same day of the week.

What happens if you can't pick up your vegetables one week?

If you let us know in advance, we can put your membership on hold (twice max/season) for one week and give you credit to use up within the season.


You could gift your bag to a friend, just let us know who will be picking up the bag in your absence. 

If you happen to be in one of our other pick-up towns at the right time and day, we would be happy to bring your vegetables there for the week.

If you do not give us notice and you just don't show up for pick up, then we will donate your vegetables to a local family in need. 

More info

By being a CSA member, you will be given an opportunity to come tour the garden (date tbd) and see how we grow. 

We so appreciate all of you who have signed up to be CSA members. By investing in us you are investing in the future of fresh local meat and produce. 

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